Happy New Year 2019

If 2019 starts as 2018 ended, we’re going to have a very good year.

Let me first welcome you to my first post of the new site. I still have a lot of customization to complete, so I hope you’ll stop by often to see the new searches I’ll have set up, and I’m working on a market report for 2018.

But with the New Year comes change and the first you’ll notice is we are now Residential Team Realty. I started this process in February 2018. The timing was triggered by a personal event, however, the need for the change was long overdue; for a few reasons. 

With the slowdown in the market, which we saw starting in 2017, I began to develop a new business model to suit what I see are big changes coming to the world of Real Estate Brokerages. 

2018 saw a tremendous increase in merges and acquisitions, the introduction of established offices in new markets, growth in “teams” and the burst in the iBuyer world. 

Residential Team Realty was built to compete against these trends and in fact, our model is focused on the Team model. But, what will set us apart from the rest is my insistence that a Team Leader MUST be a Broker Associate. Not only is this not a requirement in other offices, in MANY large Brokerages, the Managers are not themselves Brokers, but just an Associate. 

To compete sometimes requires a multi prong approach. Very soon we’ll be launching our 2nd Brokerage. We are near completion of the website and we expect a formal launch by Feb 1st, 2019.

The third arm, if you will, is our Property Management company, Ridge Cap, LLC. Our site will be launched very shortly and will offer easy access to pay your rent online, apply for one of our rental listings and run your credit/background check. We like to think of ourselves as Your Residential Concierge. We’re here to get you what you need when you need it. 

Thank you again for visiting and please be patient through our transition.