I’ve been licensed since 2003 and very few transactions that I’ve been involved with involved a Mold Test. 

And by Mold Test, I’m referring to the collection of Air Samples, which are then analyzed by a licensed Laboratory. 

The few that did either returned with safe results or the “fix” was in and the term “mold” was used in an attempt to scare the seller into dropping the price. And honestly, its never worked.

But just recently I had a high end Miami Condo under contract. I was working with both the Seller and Buyer in this transaction. The buyer, to my surprise, requested that his inspector collect air samples for analysis. This was a $1m+ condo, with private elevator to the unit, concierge and valet. I thought it was a waste of money. 

It was NOT. While the results found high levels of an allergen, the real issue, I’m confident otherwise would not have been found through the typical inspection process, was an ongoing water leak behind the walls in the Laundry Room. The unit one floor up had an A/C issue and their unit was and had been leaking for an unknown period of time.

If not for the Air Sample, I don’t believe the average inspector would have taken the time to test the walls for moisture.

I learned a valuable lesson and will from this point forward, strongly urge my buyers to pay for a Mold Test.